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MPI News
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Demand surge for niche steel productsto be boon for China mills 2020-04-10
A Letter to Our Foreign Customers 2020-03-25
New platform to boost energy conservation technologies 2018-08-24
China Merchants Bank Securities visited MPI 2018-05-23
Shandong Steel GM Tao Dengkui visited MPI 2018-04-13
Jiangsu:Yonggang visited by MPI 2018-01-29
MOFCOM officials visited MPI 2018-01-15
Steel-iMES Syposium held 2018-01-02
MPI press release:Steel consumption to rise 7.7% this year 2017-12-07
Minmetals annual summit held with MPI expert report 2017-11-13
Melbourne:MPI expert speech on iron ore 2017-11-01
NEW CPC MPI committee elected 2017-10-24
MPI expert spoke at Steel Enterprise's CTO Meeting 2017-10-23
 Wuhan: MPI expert report at Refractories Conference   2017-10-18
Tianjin: Seminar on Internet+Intelligent Manufacture 2017-10-17
Keynote Speaking at Coking Conference,MPI expert 2017-10-16
Athens:MPI Expert report on China steel 2017-09-29
CANADA mining forum: report by MPI expert 2017-09-28
Belt&Road Summit on China Metals Plates held with MPI Keynote Speaker 2017-09-19
2017(6th) China Steel Tech-economy Summit Held 2017-09-18
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