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Notice on 4th High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development

Dear Sir/Madam

The 4th High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development, which is sponsored by China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (MPI), will be held in Beijing on December 11th to 12th, 2015. Over the past three years, the Forum has played a positive role in promoting development, transformation, competitiveness and resources security of Chinese iron ore industry, which attracted extensive attention and praise. The theme of this year’s Forum is “New Normal, New Idea, New Structure".
From January to September 2015, crude steel output in China has decreased by 2.1%, which was the first drop over the past twenty years. Both output and consumption of crude steel have dropped from the peak value. Chinese steel industry was experiencing a frozen time represented by nearly half of key steel companies operating in loss. Against weak demand and significant expansion of overseas capacity, the iron ore price decreased from 130 USD/t to 44 USD/t within more than one year. From January to September, revenue of main business of Chinese big-scale iron ore companies decreased by 19.4% year-on-year, total profit decreased by 42.3% and fixed asset investment decreased by 23.5%. The majority of Chinese miners are confronted with serious difficulties. And industrial difficulties and social risk are possible to be strengthened over the coming years.
Chinese miners adopted reform deepening and management innovation to reduce cost and improve efficiency in order to survive out of the trouble. The investment units and steel companies are recommended to develop and expand rapidly by means of merging and restructuring against the downturn of global mining industry. Which new opportunities will be brought by changes in the global mining industry to resources security of metallurgical companies in the 13th Five-year Period? Is there a new idea towards going abroad of Chinese miners? How much potential for cost reduction and efficiency improvement of Chinese miners over the coming years? The Forum will conduct a comprehensive discussion focusing on the hot spots mentioned above.

The forum is going to invite the leader of government sector, senior experts, chairman and general manager of mining companies, staff of steel companies in charge of overseas market, staff of mining companies in charge of production, staff of bank, security and other organizations, as well as technical research and development units, engineering companies, agents etc to sit together to have a thorough discussion focusing on above-mentioned topics.


Hundreds of steel and mining elites will gather at the Forum and we sincerely invite you to attend.

Theme of the Forum

    New Normal, New Idea, New Structure

    —— cost reduction and efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading; mining investment, innovative development

Time of the Forum

    December 11th to 12th, 2015, among of which December 11th for registration and December 12th for the Forum itself.

Location of the Forum

    Guoyi Hotel

    Address: 1# Wenxing Dongjie, Xicheng District, Beijing

    Contact: 86 -10-68316611

Keynote speech of the Forum

             1.  Welcome remarks

         Zhu Jimin, Executive Vice Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association

         2.  Macroeconomic analysis and forecast of development trend

        Zhang Liqun, Vice Inspector and Researcher of Department of Macroeconomic Research, Development Research Center of the State Council of the  PRC

        3.   Promote integration of industrialization and informationization, accelerate construction of intelligent mine

        Raw material division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC

        4.   Primary idea of development plan of Chinese mineral resources in the 13th Five-year Period

         Planning division, Ministry of Land and Resources of the PRC

        5.   Development of the steel industry, outlook and development proposal of the iron ore market

        Li Xinchuang, President of China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute

        6.   Analysis of operation of Chinese iron ore mine in 2015 and development outlook

        Lei Pingxi, Executive Vice Chairman of Metallurgical Mines Association of China

        7.   Investigation of cost reduction and efficiency improvement of Chinese miners

       Mineral Resources Research Center, China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute

        8.  Pipe conveyingone measure for cost reduction and a innovative cooperation mode

       Shou Guohua, Chief Engineer of BRASS Engineering International

        9. Intelligentize and profitability of mining equipments

        10. Internet and mining

        11. Thinking on “going abroad” of Chinese miners

         12. Promotion of overseas mining project



        1.  Payment here includes conference, documents and meal, but without hotel expenses.

       Conference affair charge: $1200/person

        2.  Kindly please clearly indicate name of delegate and company as well asHigh-end Forum of Iron Ore Development when you remit money.

        3. The committee will issue the receipt with detail of conference expenses as soon as we receive the remittance.

        4. Detail information of account is as follow:

       Name of account: China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute

       Account number: 0200004109014467953

            Opening bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC


Terms of enrollment

      You are kindly requested to fill the delegate receipt and send it back by fax or e-mail to the committee of Forum attention to Wang Yifan by December 1st,  2015. The receipt is also available to be downloaded from



Wang Yifan (Wendy Wang)

Cell Phone: 13671105879

Zhang Ming (Commercial)

Cell Phone: 13811571838

Phone86-10-65256519   86-10-65133322-3493





China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute

 November 2, 2015


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