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Notice on 2013 2nd High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development


Dear Sir/Madame

Kindly please be informed that the 2013 2nd High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development, sponsored by China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (shortened as MPI), will be held in Beijing on December 6th to 7th, 2013.

Under the transformation and development of the steel industry and changing in the iron ore market, this Forum, drawing hundreds of enterprises’ participation by forward-looking topics, high-level lecturer and rich business opportunities, has   already become a leading communication platform with excellent praise in the steel sector.

In the year of 2013, the world economy was not capable of extricating itself from dilemma caused by euro-zone crisis.     Growth in the emerging markets was dropping at an accelerated pace, while development of Chinese economy was        also slowed down. The steel sector was survived with difficulties under stress coming from raw material and market         demand.  Under such circumstances, is recovery can be foreseen for the world economy in 2014? Is demand of the steel market can be increased? What is the orientation of transformation of the steel industry? Will the iron ore price keep on    the higher level? All the doubts mentioned-above are lingered in the mind of steel and mining enterprises for long term.

Transformation and development are the key points for Chinese steel industry at present. The crucial point for the             survival of steel industry is that to set the industrial development free from impediment caused by price inflation of raw    material e.g. iron ore etc. For the moment, the enterprises adopt flexible raw material procurement policies to fit the rising domestic investment for iron ore and diversified supply of iron ore nationwide. On the one hand, port inventories keep on   the lower level; while on the other hand, more transparent mode has already been adopted for iron ore market trading      and pricing. So the order of iron ore market is undergoing a great change. The iron ore futures, recently permitted to        come into the market, not only broad the game space for both supplier and receiver, but also bring about uncertainties for development of iron ore market. Therefore the 2013 2nd High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development is ready to seek           countermeasures together with professionals on promotion of transformation and order change in the iron ore market.

Collect wisdom to find out channel and orientation of industrial development. Based on the situation mentioned above,   MPI plans to hold the 2013 2nd High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development with topic of Changes and Opportunities. We    will invite government authorities to provide guidance regarding orientation of raw material policies. Furthermore, experts and higher level of enterprises will be gathered to research and analyze several hot points such as macro economy in     2014, development of the steel industry, variation in the supply and demand of iron ore market, mining investment etc. A branch forum concentrating in iron ore futures will be set up especially for discussing and analyzing new impact towards   the iron ore market imposed by this financial tool. The elite of steel and mining industry worldwide will join us to celebrate this great gathering. Your esteemed party is warmly welcomed by MPI to attend this forum.


ⅠTime of the Forum

December 6th 7th, 2013, among which December 6th for registration and December 7th for forum itself.


Ⅱ Location of the forum

Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing

Address: 6 Southern Capital Gymnasium Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100044

Telephone: 86 +10+68492001

Topic of the forum

1.    Special reports

(1) Macro economy in 2014 and impact on the steel industry

(2) Orientation of raw material policies

(3) Judgment of global iron ore exploitation in 2014

(4) Prediction of China iron ore exploitation in 2014

(5) Existing situation of scrap industry and tendency of scrap consumption in China

(6) Existing situation and potential of domestic iron ore exploitation in typical areas and by representative groups

(7) Analysis on development of the steel industry in 2014 and iron mines guarantee

(8) Impact on the steel industry brought by the iron ore futures

(9) Existing situation of bulk shipment and impact on iron ore trading

(10)          Investment of overseas iron mine projects executed by Chinese enterprises and results of the same

(11)          Development plan and execution progress of international newly commenced iron ore projects

(12)          Development and advancement of iron ore facilities manufacturing

(13)          Technical advancement and prospect of iron ore beneficiation in the new era

2.    Introduction of iron ore projects, other minerals projects and customer service

Speaker: Domestic and overseas iron ore companies

3.    Iron ore Futures Development Forum

Department and Staff to be Invited

l   Leadership from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), and the Ministry of Industry and                 Information Technology of the PRC (MIIT)

l   Leadership from China Iron and Steel Association (CISA)

l   Experts in iron and steel making industry and mining industry

l   Leadership from domestic large/medium-scale iron and steel making enterprises, charging of planning, investment,     resources, procurement etc.

l   Domestic and overseas financial, stock and futures organs

l   Domestic and overseas mining companies, ore trading companies, mining facilities manufacturers etc

Language for the Forum

Simultaneous interpretation between Chinese and English is available. 


1.    Payment here includes conference, documents and meal, but without hotel expenses.

Conference affair charge: 1200/person for foreign guests

Note: One seat will be given for free in case you place an order for China Steel Report 2014 with more than three (3)   copies.

2.    Kindly please clearly indicate name of attendance and “High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development” when you remit      money.

3.    The committee will issue the receipt with detail of “conference expenses” as soon as we receive the remittance or the    transfer receipt (refer to the description in application form).

4.    Detail information of account is as follow:

Name of account: China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute

Account number: 0200004109014467953

Opening bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC

Terms of enrollment

For convenience of accommodation arrangement and preparation of documents and representative list, you are kindly requested to fill the attendance receipt and send the same together with transfer receipt by fax or e-mail to the            committee of Forum up to November 20th, 2013.

Person in Charge

Wen Zilong 15201452620    Lv Zhenhua 15210605174

Wang Xiaobo 13581814882    Zhang Songbo 18611331406

Shen Lijin 13810643850    Bai Linlin 13683031832

Fax86+10 65131945

Telephone86+10 65133322-1471, 1473 





China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute


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