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Consultation for New Technology Promotion and Application

Consultation for New Technology Promotion and Application

1.    Advantages

Familiar with industrial status and trend of technological development; determine the applicability of technology and equipment against enterprises from the view of technology, economy and operability; wholehearted service with high efficiency

2.    Typical references

(1) Technical service for RKEF ferronickel smelting project, Ukraine

(2) Technical service for GOR converter project, Ukraine

(3) Technological diagnosis and consultancy service for EAF steel making and steel rolling of BSE, Germany

(4) Agency service for Skin pass mill of MINO, Italy

(5) Technological service for ferronickel smelting project of Binhai Industry Co. Ltd of SINO Steel Cooperation

(6) Technical service for GOR stainless steel smelting and varieties development project of Taishan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd, Shandong

(7) Technical service for ferronickel smelting introduction project of Fujian Desheng Co. Ltd

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